Our Partners

Our Partners

The Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) is a collaboration of 14
counties in the Lake Basin Region that aims to achieve shared
prosperity by leveraging existing assets and resources, including
Lake Victoria. The bloc seeks to shape the region’s destiny by
defining key steps that leaders and citizens can take to transform
the socioeconomic aspirations of the region into reality.

Tactive Consulting is a management and consultancy firm that
works in the transformative sectors of manufacturing and trade
value chains, agriculture and processing, digital economy,
research, and policy. They focus on micro, small, and medium
enterprises (MSMEs) and sustainable development. Tactive’s role
in the consortium is to provide process optimization, value chain
integration, market research, and capacity building.

Cultivate by RetailPay is an open digital trade platform that connects primary producers directly to their end consumers (markets). The platform links different value chain players, including primary producers, processors, aggregators, transporters, retailers, consumers, exporters, insurers, and financiers. Their role in the consortium is to digitize all key actors in the selected value chains and connect primary producers directly to their markets, including export markets. They also aim to support farmers’ access to credit and other financial services through robust reporting and data capture capabilities.

KCB Bank provides financing to contracted farmers within the consortium at reasonable rates and terms. Through the digitized system, there is adequate data tracking on the farmers who shall have received financing through the project. KCB also carries out lobby activities to create more access to financing. Their role in the consortium is to support the financing needs of the primary producers to help them achieve their production targets and link them to markets through Cultivate by RetailPay.

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