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Kamida, a  player in the Aquaculture Consortium, recently had the privilege of showcasing its products at the inaugural Business Economic Summit. Organised in partnership with the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB), this event took place at the picturesque Ciala Resort in Kisumu on September 1st, 2023. 


Under the theme “Partnering together for a better future,” the summit drew participants from various sectors of the business community. It provided a valuable platform for networking, collaboration, and collective efforts toward community advancement.


The primary objective of the summit was to foster accelerated growth for Kenyan businesses by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing. Kamida, in line with its mission to enhance the well-being of local communities, exhibited its range of products, including virgin sunflower oil and body lotion. 


The products received significant attention from county representatives and other attendees, reflecting their quality and alignment with economic and environmental sustainability. Kamida’s presence at the summit also translated into successful sales, highlighting the appeal and demand for its offerings.


As part of the Aquaculture Consortium, Kamida collaborates with LREB, which consists of 14 counties in the Lake Basin Region. LREB’s goal is to achieve shared prosperity by leveraging regional assets and resources, including the abundant Lake Victoria. Together with partners like Kamida, LREB is actively contributing to the region’s socioeconomic growth and development. Their joint efforts reflect a shared vision of a brighter and more prosperous future for the Lake Basin Region and its communities.

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