Innovation for a Sustainable Aquaculture Future

Anton Dahlberg, Business Development Manager at TechBridge Invest, shares his insights on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the aquaculture sector. Dahlberg, with a background in environmental engineering, brings a wealth of experience to TechBridge. In a conversation with us, he discussed his motivation to engage with The Aquaculture Consortium (TAC) and how TechBridge can contribute to the consortium’s vision.


The Aquaculture Consortium, comprised of enterprises like Jumbo Fish Farm, Viking Agriventure, Vemric, and Kamida, has a strong focus on various aspects of the aquaculture value chain. Jumbo Fish Farm specializes in fingerlings and fingerling production, Viking Agriventure focuses on feed production and poultry, Vemric specializes in fish processing and omena, while Kamida is involved in sunflower production. TechBridge sees an opportunity to support these enterprises in upscaling their operations through innovative solutions and technology.


TechBridge recognizes the potential for technology to play a vital role in optimizing the aquaculture value chain. By introducing low-cost technologies like AI and IoT, TechBridge aims to automate and streamline critical processes, such as feeding and cleaning regimes, leading to increased production efficiency.


Through collaboration with TAC, TechBridge provides business development support and valuable networking opportunities, fostering a community of entrepreneurs and stakeholders within the aquaculture sector. As TAC works across the entire aquaculture value chain, TechBridge leverages the consortium’s knowledge and insights to address challenges, promote entrepreneurial expansion, and develop innovative products and services.


While the aquaculture sector faces various challenges, including supply chain management and production efficiency, TechBridge remains adaptable and open to disruptive ideas. TechBridge’s focus on environmental sustainability aligns with TAC’s mission to ensure responsible and sustainable practices within the aquaculture industry.


TechBridge’s involvement is not only about financial returns but also about contributing to the positive transformation of the aquaculture industry in Kenya. By collaborating with TAC, TechBridge aims to nurture innovation and promote inclusive growth, supporting entrepreneurs in finding solutions to industry challenges.


In the ever-evolving aquaculture industry, TechBridge remains committed to staying up-to-date with industry challenges, fostering an open-minded approach to innovation, and supporting the introduction of new concepts and tools that benefit the sector.


TechBridge assesses potential investments in aquaculture not only from a financial standpoint but also from the perspective of an enterprise’s impact on the environment and the community. TechBridge prioritizes factors like water resource management, eutrophication, and animal welfare, ensuring that investments align with the sustainability objectives of both TechBridge and TAC.


As TechBridge continues to collaborate with TAC, the aquaculture sector in Kenya can look forward to enhanced innovation, technology integration, and sustainable growth. This partnership signifies a commitment to developing the aquaculture industry while addressing challenges and ensuring responsible practices.


Together, TechBridge and TAC are poised to create a positive and lasting impact in Kenya’s aquaculture sector, providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed in this dynamic and evolving industry.

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