A GLIMPSE INTO TAC’S AQUACULTURE ENTERPRISES. Iinsights From Morten, The Investment Professional

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Summary: In a recent interview with Morten, an experienced investor from Norway, we gained his insight on The Aquaculture Consortium’s (TAC) operations. Morten’s visit to TAC’s enterprises focused on the immense potential of the aquaculture value chain.

Morten’s Takeaway:  “TAC’s focus on scaling distribution while adding value early in the value chain positions them uniquely in the aquaculture industry.”

In a candid chat with Morten, an investment professional from Norway, we explored his recent visit to The Aquaculture Consortium’s (TAC) enterprises. Morten shared his takeaways, experiences, and  views after his deep dive into TAC’s aquaculture world.

We kicked things off with Morten introducing himself and how he stumbled upon TAC. Hailing from Norway, he visited Kenya in late August, and his interest in TAC sparked from conversations with a friend. He was intrigued by TAC and its operations.

Morten took us through his three-day visit to TAC’s diverse enterprises, including Kamida Sunflower Plant, Viking Agriventure, Jumbo Fish Farm, and Vemric Enterprises. He was impressed by the intricate value chain and saw immense potential. Morten believed that if TAC could efficiently expand its distribution network while strengthening its presence in the earlier stages of the value chain, it could become a major player in the aquaculture field.

We dived into strategies for improving value chain operations, with Morten stressing the importance of scaling distribution as a key move. He suggested TAC should focus on building a solid distribution network, starting at the end of the value chain and moving backwards over time.

Considering the challenges of high living costs and currency fluctuations, Morten advised TAC to aim for export capabilities. This would shield TAC from currency risks while providing more stability to its partners in the value chain.

Morten also looked at the relationship between pricing and product quality. He believed pricing was a crucial part of marketing and praised TAC’s Char Freshy products for competitive pricing and growth potential. Expanding the distribution network, he said, could strengthen TAC’s market position.

With his background in industrial economics and technology management, Morten highlighted the role of technology. He recommended a thoughtful approach, using technology strategically in different parts of the value chain and customer journey, rather than simply replacing human workers with machines.

As we wrapped up, Morten reflected on the challenge and opportunity of achieving the necessary scale for growth. He shared insights on attracting potential investors, emphasising the importance of demonstrating TAC’s ability to deliver products and sustain growth after raising capital.

We concluded on a lighter note, discovering Morten’s passion for marathon running. He enjoyed a challenging run during his visit, relishing the adventure.

Morten’s visit and insights aligned with TAC’s mission to nurture a sustainable aquaculture industry. As we continued to support small farmers, promote innovation, and strengthen the value chain, Morten’s perspectives enriched our shared journey toward a brighter future.

Join us on this transformative path, alongside Morten and our valued partners, as we work towards a prosperous future for aquaculture in Kenya and beyond.

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