A Glimpse into Aquaculture Insights at the Nordic-African Business Summit 2023

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In Conversation with Elie Nzigo, Global Business Partnerships Manager at The Aquaculture Consortium (TAC) , NABA Conference, Norway, September 5th, 2023. 

Explore trends like Recirculation Aquaculture and sustainable feeds, discover the role of tilapia in food security and learn about innovation in Aquaculture. Join the Aquaculture consortium and its enterprises like Jumbo Fish Farm as we shape a sustainable aquaculture industry

In an engaging interview with Mr. Donald Muchiri Kariuki, Investment Manager at Norfund Aquaculture, we embarked on a journey through the dynamic world of aquaculture. Here’s a closer look at the dialogue that unfolded.    

Mr. Kariuki delved into the evolving trends in aquaculture, highlighting the adoption of Recirculation Aquaculture (RAS) systems  for enhanced fingerling growth. Jumbo Fish Farm, one of the enterprises under TAC embraces RAS technology, aligning with the industry’s shift toward sustainability. This reflects TAC’s commitment to innovative practices, driving aquaculture’s growth and community benefits. 

He also emphasized the shift toward more sustainable feed sources like the black soldier fly to reduce environmental impact. In this regard, Viking Agri-Venture, a key player in TAC’s value chain, produces feeds, further supporting the shift towards eco-friendly practices in aquaculture.

Aquaculture, particularly tilapia, emerged as a key player in food security, thanks to its low-cost production and potential for further cost reduction through technology. With a low carbon footprint compared to other protein sources, tilapia holds promise in meeting the protein needs of African populations. 

“Kenya’s aquaculture future is remarkably promising. With technological advancements, we hold the potential to revolutionize fish farming, making it more efficient and sustainable than ever before.” Mr. Donald Muchiri Kariuki

Mr. Kariuki acknowledged the role of non-governmental organizations in promoting aquaculture but stressed the need for regulatory frameworks, including biosecurity measures to protect fish stocks. He called for innovation, collaboration, and government openness to achieve sustainable aquaculture growth. 

Discussing the Kenyan aquaculture market, he dispelled notions of monopoly, emphasizing significant fish imports from Uganda. Cost reduction emerged as a pivotal challenge, with consumer price sensitivity driving the need for innovation and collaboration across the industry. 

The outgrower model, successful in crop farming, showed promise in aquaculture, with small-scale farmers contributing to cost reduction and retail support. Collaborative efforts and private capital investment were seen as essential to bolstering feed production and ensuring consistent supply. As part of The Aquaculture Consortium (TAC), Vemric’s production of char freshy omena plays a crucial role in this ecosystem, providing an affordable meal option for the masses in Kenya.

Mr. Kariuki’s insights underscored the potential for aquaculture’s growth in Africa, aligning with our Consortium’s mission of sustainable development and collaboration. The consortium’s commitment to sustainable practices, value chain development, and community engagement resonates with the goals Mr. Kariuki outlined. As we continue to empower smallholder farmers, promote innovation, and safeguard our environment, we stand united with partners like Norfund Aquaculture in shaping a brighter aquaculture future. 

Join us on this transformative journey toward a sustainable and thriving aquaculture industry in Africa.

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